In May 2011, Nissan and Renault took the idea of gas-powered everything and ran with it in a moderately funny commercial for the Leaf EV that poked fun at the idea of using gasoline to power our everyday electronic devices. Immediately afterward, General Motors had an unofficial reply (a snide Tweet) that made fun of Nissan for ignoring the benefits of gasoline in the "tow trucks they need and rental cars they recommend as backup to their product."

Now, over two years later, we have another response of sorts in a new 30-second commercial for the Chevy Volt called "Backup Power." This time, instead of a gasoline power generator being the dirty smoke machine in the bathroom, it's a smile-inducing lifesaver. It's almost as if the two ads intentionally highlight - in easy-to-digest, 30-second fashion - the different benefits of the two powertrains. Interesting. You can see both commercials down below.

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