We met up with the well travelled Victor Muller at The Quail gathering at Monterey and talked turkey regarding the re-entry of Spyker production cars in the United States. He was showing off the running prototype of his new B6 Venator Spyder with 375-horsepower supercharged V6.

Although the definitive pricing for these "more accessible" Spykers has yet to be announced, Muller tells us that the target for the new spyder is $150,000, while the previously introduced Venator hardtop will shoot for $140,000. Production numbers for the Venator lineup per year are set currently at 500 for each bodystyle. The United States remains a huge market for Spyker's future, roughly 25 percent of total production, while China will take 25 percent, and the Middle East 25 percent, the rest divied up between Germany, the UK and the rest.

Mr. Muller was less forthcoming on who provides the supercharged V6, though we'd have to think of Audi or Jaguar as likely candidates. (To which spokespeople tell us Audi would be a wrong guess.) Nearly all engineering R&D for the powertrain and chassis is provided by Lotus Engineering, so this could be one fine ride if they let it be.
More accessible? Yes. This significantly lower price versus previous overdone Spykers should work wonders, and the execution on the Venators is far simpler and more tasteful than the bejewelled predecessors the Dutch built.

And Muller did give us a scoop of sorts. The Venator family will apparently be built in "one of three current possibilities" in Europe, current hot choices being in the UK and Germany. But definitely not in the Netherlands.

Let us all hope good hopes that the very likeable Viktor M. works all of this effort right. Because we finally like the cars on first glance. North American Venators arrive in November 2014 after starting European deliveries in August 2014.

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