Detroit's bankruptcy is still a fresh wound, and it's slowly but surely becoming infected as people start looking for something – anything – to sell to pay the city's debts. While the sale of the Detroit Institute of Art's collection of paintings has been well publicized for those of us that live in the area, another collection is under threat due to the city's lack of funds.

Automotive News reports on the state of the Detroit Historical Museum's car collection - a 65-vehicle fleet that includes a 1924 Hupmobile Roadster and a rare, pre-production 1963 Ford Mustang (yes, a 1963 Mustang).

The story goes beyond recounting the state of the Historical Museum (not to mention the genuinely world class DIA). It looks at why the car, the very thing that the DHM is seeking to protect, contributed to the collapse that the city is going through at this moment. Click through for the full story from Automotive News on the case for the car dooming Detroit.

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