Studies Find BMW Drivers Most Aggressive

Luxury cars were once considered a sign of refinement and expensive tastes, but several recent studies are painting a darker picture of the good life.

Researchers at The University of California Berkeley conducted several experiments to test the morality of different car owners. They found drivers in pricier vehicles, including BMWs, were more likely to cut off fellow drivers and blow through crosswalks.

An informal study from discount website VoucherCodesPro is backing up those finding. They found drivers who are perceived as expressing road rage the most tend to drive luxury brands, with BMW topping the list. Followed close behind were Land Rover and Audi. They also found that blue was perceived as the most aggressive color car and men ages 35 to 50 were the worst offenders. Predictably, the worst times for road rage were Friday afternoon and Monday morning rush hours.

George Charles of VoucheCodesPro told The Daily Mail that while parts of the survey are humorous the issue of road rage should be taken very seriously.

"Road rage is not something to be taken lightly and these results show that many motorists need to remind themselves that sometimes losing your temper whilst driving can result in serious altercations, assaults, and collisions that cause injuries or worse," Charles told The Daily Mail.

Yet another informal study recently called luxury owner's morality into question. A UK dating website for people looking to cheat on their spouse called Illicit Encounters surveyed their users and found 22% were Audi owners. The most popular model with cheaters last year? BMW of course.

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