Updated Spyker D8 headed for Geneva ahead of production run

Spyker, which is somehow still alive and kicking, has been desperately trying to produce a mid-engined, super-sports utility vehicle since it debuted the D12 Peking-To-Paris Concept at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show (later revised to "D8" with a change in proposed engine cylinder count). Seven years later, AutoCar is reporting that it might finally see production.

Thanks to its partnership with Chinese brand Youngman, which provided a 25 million Euro ($33.2 million at today's rates) infusion of cash for the P2P and other projects, Spyker is aiming to produce 1000 units for growing luxury markets like China and Russia. According to the report, a production model will arrive at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, which will enter production at the end of 2014 following the launch of the B6 Venator.

Production of the B6, meanwhile, is likely to be outsourced as Spkyer simply can't handle demand in the Netherlands. AutoCar speculates that Germany or the United Kingdom could be a potential construction site for the new sports coupe.

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