A report in Autocar says that PSA Peugeot-Citroën is realigning its brands. Peugeot will take the top slot to fight in the "premium mainstream" segment; in other words, Volkswagen. Citroën is said to be pointing its spear at a space that has Ford above and Dacia below, while its "DS arm" is classified as "near premium," but it isn't clear how high its aspirations climb. The entry-level point will be occupied by a C-line to be introduced by Citroën that would be "a balance between cost and functionality" and will take cues from the Lacoste concept shown at the 2010 Paris Motor Show (seen above).

The company has split its design studio into halves, one side for DS, the other for the C-line. The C-line's philosophy will be "bold" styling outside with "ease of use and simplicity" everywhere else. Build options will be kept low in order to maintain profits and low prices, but the options sheet won't be bare. The first offering in the line could be shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and will preview the replacement for the C3.

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