From electric Jeepneys and electric tuk-tuks to a coconut oil-fueled bamboo taxi, the Philippines are no stranger to renewable energy vehicles. The pace of change could increase significantly soon, if a plan supported by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) goes through and the efforts of Manila Electric come to fruition. The ADB is providing a $300-million loan to help get 100,000 electric trikes on the streets of the Philippines by 2017.

Executives at the Manila Electric utility, aka Meralco, know that electric passenger cars are rare in the Philippines, but that's not stopping them from putting into place a program to install locally produced public charging stations. Made by Meralco, the eVehicle Power Stations are only available in prototype form right now and, since they will cost an estimated $23,000 each, according to the Wall Street Journal, we assume they are DC fast chargers. Meralco may even some day make electric vehicles.

The other program, for all those trikes, is being run by the ADB with the intent to shift some of the 3.5 million dirty fossil-fuel-powered bikes and trikes in the Philippines to cleaner electricity. E-trikes are not unheard of there, but with this new push for electric mobility, they will likely become much more popular.

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