Video billboards are nothing new, but a video on a moving car that's blaring music? Now that's something that will catch your attention – especially if you're driving alongside it in the streets of London.

That's the exact intent of Mini's new Art Beat, a Cooper Countryman turned marketing device that is custom-fitted with a staggering 48,000 LEDs. On its nightly drives through the city, the compact crossover showcases brightly colored videos, graphics and animations contributed by people around the world via social media. The Mini Space Blog describes the Art Beat as the "most vibrant and customizable NOT NORMAL ride you'll ever lay eyes on."

Think you're "not normal" enough to make your debut on the Art Beat? If you want to see your face in (moving) lights, visit to submit your short video and then customize it with a design and audio. If Mini picks your submission, you'll get a video back of your creation in action. See the video below for a sample.

MINI Cooper Countryman Information

MINI Cooper Countryman

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