A project manager and director for Swedish Television had parts of Copenhagen locked down for three hours on August 6, when his electric car invention scared passersby in an underground parking lot into thinking it was a bomb, Perth Now reports. Copper pipes and wire poking out from underneath a car and other odd equipment caused the panic, but a bomb squad cleared the car after realizing it was some kind of scientific experiment.

The inventor, Dan Zethraeus, reportedly confirmed that the crude device is, in fact, part of an experiment to develop a new way to power electric cars directly from the road. He didn't give any other details on the device, citing his lack of a patent for the technology.

The scare happened when Zethraeus was on vacation in the Danish capital – he had decided to travel without removing the suspicious equipment. In the future, he says, he will remove the equipment before embarking on road trips. Sounds like a pretty good idea, no?

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