Did A Hub Cap Spark A Massive Wildfire?

Fire officials say that hub caps, chains and even exhaust pipes can spark wildfires. A new campaign to prevent wildfires called "One Less Spark, One Less Fire" urges people to remember that even the smallest spark can cause the largest fire.

A recent fire that burned 160 acres near Kyburz, Calif., was started when a tire came off a car that was being towed, authorities believe. According to official involved in the campaign, it only takes a little bit of effort and attention to stop that from happening again.

The campaign is encouraging drivers to ensure that their vehicle is properly maintained in order to prevent fires. See that your car isn't dragging anything metal and that parts aren't hanging in such a way that they could scrape the ground. In doing so, you'll be helping to keep wildfires from happening -- Mother Nature and homeowners in the vicinity will thank you -- and saving yourself from incurring a huge cost. After all, if you start a wildfire, you're might have to pay for it.

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