Just last week, we wondered how lucky a driver could get after we watched a tractor trailer get airborne and burst into flames after being run off the road, but one newspaper delivery driver in Boston had luck on his side, too. Early Monday morning, 25-year-old Vevencia Bellgarde was allegedly drunk driving when her Cadillac swerved into another lane forcing a Boston Globe delivery truck off the road. The whole incident was caught on video by a traffic camera. The mangled mess you see above is the aftermath of the crash after the truck plummeted at least two stories off of Interstate 93 onto another road below.

According to WHDH Boston, Bellgarde originally told police she wasn't driving, but later admitted to being behind the wheel during the crash. The report also says that she has had her license suspended nine times in the past. The unidentified, 35-year-old truck driver is said to still be in the hospital in fair condition. Scroll down for the full video news report, which is from Monday. As of this writing there's been no update as to what punishment Bellgarde may face.

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