Another astonishing close call on the road caught on dash cam in Russia: A truck lost control on this busy road about an hour and a half north of Moscow and came within inches of crushing this driver and his female passenger.

When the couple's car just starts coming around a stand of trees the truck jack knifes into the road and slides towards their car. You can hear the female passenger breath a sigh of relief after the tractor the truck slides to a stop, just barely touching their front bumper.

Why are all the great dash cams from Russia? Fraud is a major problem on Russian roads, and the purpose of the dash cam is to protect drivers from unscrupulous criminals and traffic cops on the take. NYC-based Russian blogger Marina Galperina wrote that cheaply mounted cameras which record continuously are often more affordable than car insurance in a country rife with hit and runs. Russian courts also would rather see video evidence rather than testimony in cases that can quickly devolve into he said she said tactics.

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