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Watch Marc Gené hit the track in an Alfa Romeo 4C, then get the girl

Alfa Romeo has turned up the heat on its 4C ad campaign, and we can't tell if it's from the hot laps Formula 1 test driver and Le Mans racer Marc Gené did in the car or the hot woman waiting for him and his passenger when they pull off the track. It seems yet another trend has started, as seen in a recent video starring the KTM X-Bow.

In the commercial (the first video), Gené picks up who we are supposed to believe is a complete stranger in a lightly camouflaged 4C, then mysteriously drives to a race track. Upon arrival, they strip off the camo, then Gené takes a lap at wide-open-throttle with the passenger on board. Afterwards, the duo is greeted in the pits by a blonde sweetheart.

In the second video (which has an in-car view of one lap), Gené is happy to indulge in one, screeching powerslide, and the car reaches almost 132 miles per hour on the straightaway. Unfortunately, at the end of the straight, Gené says, "It breaks a lot. It really breaks..."

But don't worry, there's no crash to be seen here, and no broken-down Alfas, either - just some badly translated subtitles. (Of course! It brakes a lot...) See for yourself in the video below.

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