If anyone needed more proof that there's a certain level of obsession regarding the Tesla Model S, we have exactly the video for you. See, Edmunds has a long-term Model S and there is some discussion there over whether the car's slide-out-as-you-approach door handles are a good or a bad thing. Jason Kavanagh, Edmunds' engineering editor, found they" lack tactility, as there's a delay between when you tug and when the solenoid fires, so the door feels as though it sticks slightly. Not a lux vibe, that." Others have discussed whether the handles, which extend mechanically but then use an electric signal to unlatch the door, cause minor inconveniences and if they are a good idea in an emergency.

To test another aspect of the unusual handles Donna DeRosa, the Managing Editor of Edmunds.com, decided to see if the auto-retracting devices are in any way dangerous to someone who, for some unknown reason, leaves his or her hand in an open handle for too long. And, like any good Internet journalist, she flimed it. So now we have a 43-second video showing nothing more than what happens if you leave your hand inside the Model S' automatic retractable door handles too long. Curious, aren't you? You can watch it below.

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