Obviously, she's not a golfer, though she has a nice back swing.

Gothamist.com came across a series of videos featuring one woman as she smashes up an SUV with a golf club in the Bronx. It took her only a few moments to break every piece of glass on the car. She even saves a few jabs for the side view mirrors. Her rage is so calmly and methodically executed that you can't help but wonder if this is her first time trashing a car.

The YouTube user who uploaded the video says the police later caught the woman because she bragged about breaking out the windows on her husband's SUV. She claims the smash job was retribution for her husband's cheating ways, the husband apparently claims she is simply crazy. The man who uploaded the video knows what causes a woman to take a golf club to a car.

"Just asked Tiger Woods wife," he wrote on YouTube.

Warning: Contains Strong Language

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