The bookmobile may be just another extinct wheeled Mastodon to the generation just coming of age. For them, untold reams of information have been always been available in little more than an instant, right in the palms of their hot little hands. There was a time before devices and digital connectivity, though, when those analog masterpieces known as books were how knowledge got around, and bookmobiles served as rolling libraries for many communities. Automotive niche publisher Motorbooks is bringing back the bookmobile with a new twist.

The MotorbooksMobile is Motorbooks' way of getting its deep selection of automotive titles in front of an enthusiast audience without fighting for shelf position at increasingly-endangered brick-and-mortar bookstores. "We see this as a whimsical, yet effective way to introduce our robust catalog of Motorbooks titles to the consumer who will appreciate them the most and grow our fan base," said Ken Fund, president of Motorbooks parent Quayside Publishing Group.

The MotorbooksMobile is a distinctively-wrapped bus that's going to be making stops at some key car shows and motorsports events between now and the middle of November. Check out the full schedule to see if it's headed your way, and keep reading below for the full press release.
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Motorbooks Launches "The MotorbooksMobile"

Bringing volumes of performance, restoration, history and automotive culture to car buffs throughout New England and the Midwest

After 45 years of building a reputation among gearheads as the world's leading transportation book publisher, Motorbooks, an imprint of the Quayside Publishing Group, is hitting the road in a renovated bookmobile to bring books directly to their targeted readers at the places they gather to celebrate their passion.

The company's mobile bookstore, The MotorbooksMobile, was launched last weekend and is traveling to various car shows through November. Car shows provide the ultimate venue to reach people that love cars at the places they gather to celebrate that love. This mobile bookstore campaign from Motorbooks is perfectly positioned to meet these readers in that moment.

"Transportation enthusiasts-whether they are hot rodders, motorcyclists, racers, sports car fans-are keenly aware and appreciative of sharp design, quality forn and thoughtful presentation. A beautiful, printed book is all of those things," says Zack Miller, Motorbooks' publisher.

Consumers will remember bookmobiles from years past, a concept originally designed to bring books to people with little or no access to libraries. As the brick and mortar bookstores offer fewer titles or disappear altogether, Ken Fund, president of the Quayside Publishing Group, believes the bookmobile's time has come again as a mobile bookstore.

"We see this as a whimsical, yet effective way to introduce our robust catalog of Motorbooks titles to the consumer who will appreciate them the most and grow our fan base and frequent buyers of our books." says Ken Fund. "What better way to introduce these books to a car lover than to drive a huge truck full of them into the heart of a car show?"

The Motorbooksmobile started its tour last weekend at The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix and is scheduled to participate in 12 events between now and mid-November. The next stop is the NSRA Street Rod Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky!

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