Plan B pill is an emergency contraceptive
The owner of a car dealership in Charleston, W. Va., sued the federal government over a mandate in the Affordable Health Care Act requiring employers offer the Plan B pill, only to realize his insurance policy already covered the emergency contraception. His lawyers just missed it.

Automotive News reported Joe Holland, owner of Joe Holland Chevrolet, filed a suit on the grounds that offering coverage of the emergency contraception pill to his employees was against his religious beliefs. Lawyers from the Family Policy Council of West Virginia working on Holland's legal team apparently overlooked that the contraceptive was already covered when filing the initial suit. Holland apparently can't find any insurer who will allow the car salesman to pick and choose what FDA approved drugs his employees can access.

Holland's lawyers plan to amend the lawsuit from a temporary stop of the contraception mandate to a permanent injunction. It's a Hail Mary play, considering even Congress has been unsuccessful in its 40 attempts to repeal all or parts of Affordable Health Care Act since its passage in 2009.

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