Hackers Show Off How They Can Take Over Your Car

You'll be surprised to see what they can control from the back seat

About a month ago, we here at AOL Autos told you about the new department the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has set up to deal with the potential that hackers can get into your car's computer system and take it over.

This week, the folks at Forbes showed us exactly what that would look like. Reporter Andy Greenberg met up with two hackers who've been commissioned by DARPA, the research arm of the U.S. defense department, figure out how to hack into car systems. And although they can't control the car remotely, the video shows how they can plug in and get the car to do anything they way.

They can get the car's speedometer to read 199 mph while the car isn't going anywhere. They can disable the brakes. They can control the steering. They can tell the car, while its going 80 mph, that it's not going anywhere and trying to park itself.

The researches are laughing the whole way through, but they seem to realize their ability to do this can be foreboding.

"Imagine you were driving though traffic and you just wanted to stop ... and the next thing you know, you're on the news," says Chris Valasek, director of security for IOActive.

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