Vespa, Italy's legendary scooter manufacturer, might just be the boot-shaped country's most significant, transport-focused cultural export. With respect to Ferrari, it's the diminutive and funky scooter manufacturer that put Italy back on wheels after World War II, with its line of user-friendly miniature motorcycles. Even today, Rome, Milan, and Turin are filled with Vespas, while the tiny scooters can be found in major cities all over the world.

Devour has posted a video that was put together by Nomoon, befitting of the brand's off-beat heritage that recaps Vespa's 70-year history. In a simple, animated style, Vespalogy shows a number of models that have defined the brand, from the original Paperino (shown above) to the Vespa 150 TAP, a model with an anti-tank gun used by the French military. Even the Vespa 400, a car designed by the brand's parent company, Piaggio, and built in France by ACMA, gets a shoutout.

If you're a fan of affordable, fun-to-ride transportation, take a look below for the full video.

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