Low-rider Lamborghinis, motorcycle gangs and Yakuza make Underground Hero a must watch

Japan's Yakuza are some of the most dangerous and feared criminals on the planet, known for a disturbing level of commitment and honor. Just do some research on yubitsume to see what we mean.

Underground Hero: Love To Hate Me is a video from Luke Huxham, that takes a look inside Yakuza car culture, showing that these dangerous criminals aren't all that different from normal enthusiasts when it comes to their cars. Focusing on Shinichi Moroboshi, owner of a modified Lamborghini Diablo and someone we wouldn't be interested in angering, it focuses both on his life in the Yakuza and just what drew him towards the Diablo.

There's also an interesting look at Japan's modding culture, where neon chassis lighting is still alive and well. The effect it has on these cars, mostly from Lamborghini, is actually pretty dramatic, almost classy. The video also focuses on Bosozoku, in this case, Japanese motorcycle gangs. These aren't your Harley-Davidson riding Hell's Angels, rather, these riders lean toward tricked out Hondas and Suzukis (heavily modified cars are also a staple of Bosozoku culture).

Moroboshi-san's story is a lot like ours, falling in love with a car during a chance encounter. At 17, the young Bosozoku was passed on the street by a Countach. The car and the sound it made left an impression on him that blossomed into a strong desire to own one of Italy's finest products.

Take a look at the video below, and then head over to Jalopnik for an interesting commentary from the film's director about just what it was like to work with the Yakuza.

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