Snake and Mongoose is this summer's other motorsports movie

Rush is the Formula One epic that everyone in the auto industry is talking about, thanks to its A-list director and star actor (Ron Howard and Chris Hemsowrth, respectively). But just because Rush has Opie Taylor and Thor involved, doesn't mean it'll be the only racing movie of the year.

There's another flick, and we've covered it before. It's called Snake & Mongoose, and it's about as far removed from F1 as possible. It's theatrical trailer has just hit the internet, and we thought you'd like a look.

Starring Jesse Williams and Richard Blake, Snake & Mongoose tells the story of a pair of southern California drag racers that revolutionized the sport, both in terms of their rivalry and the way they marketed themselves. See that Hot Wheels dragster sitting on your desk? You can thank these two guys for it.

The production value doesn't look quite as impressive as Rush, but the story looks every bit as gripping. Snake & Mongoose hits theaters on September 6. Click below for the full trailer.

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