On its website, Chicago Motor Cars promises customers a memorable experience and repeat service for those looking to buy luxury cars. One customer had a memorable experience, it seems, in all the wrong ways.

David Bates became the disgruntled customer from hell after a bad experience with a Mercedes-Benz SL 600 he bought at the dealership. His concerns weren't addressed to his liking.

"Issues with the body that the car had been in an accident," David explained to TMJ4. "Issues that some of the functions on the car didn't work."

Bates vented his frustrations on the Internet. He produced dozens of YouTube videos lambasting the dealership and has collected other customer complaints on his website chicagomotorcarssuck.com. In a Google search for Chicago Motor Cars, the dealership's website is the first link, with Bates' site at number two.

Eventually Chicago Motor Cars took Bates to court, but Bates won the right to keep his site up. The Benz in question went back to the dealership and Bates was issued a refund, but that hasn't stopped him from slamming Chicago Motor Cars.

"I think it's time well spent if one person doesn't have to walk the walk that we did," Bates told TMJ4.

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