At least once a day we hear about the glory of cars of years past, whether for their light weight, their simplicity, their manual transmissions or the way you could order options without ordering packages. But we know that we – and yes, even we here at Autoblog – romanticize plenty of it; that light weight meant atrocious NVH, those options sheets didn't include any of the things we take for granted in a Ford Fiesta today.

Nevertheless, there are those classics that make it worth it – for them it is no problem to endure the constant draft of bad window seals, the need to add another quart of oil every couple hundred miles. Petrolicious has found one such car and owner, Pierantonio Micciarelli and his Fiat 2300 S Coupe in Milan, Italy. His Ghia-bodied two-door can't be driven during the day and cost him 800 euros in gas for a 2,500-kilometer trip to a wedding, but the payoff is that moving beauty that makes him "feel like an emperor."

But there's no reason to listen to us tell it – enjoy Macciarelli tell his own story in the video below.

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