In the running for the greatest event tag line of 2013 is this: "Six wieners. One winner." Or how about just Wienermobile Run, which is what Oscar Mayer is putting on with six Wienermobiles crossing the country in search of points and glory.

The social media-driven challenge has the teams - Born to Bun, Speedy Wiener, Autobuhn, Hell on Buns, Drift Dog and Bunderstruck – earn points for fulfilling challenges submitted by you and by Oscar Mayer and by getting their photos plastered all over the gossip-verse. The big dog with the most points at the end, wins.

You can join teams and submit photos and, naturally, win things. It just kicked off on July 9 with all the Wienermobiles in Edgecliff, New Jersey and Born to Bun is already way out in the lead, but there's still time to take sides with the figure out which Hotdogger in a 27-foot-long is your favorite flavor...

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