"This video was captured entirely from in-game footage." That's the sentence that follows the all-new Grand Theft Auto V trailer released today – one that gamers have been waiting on for months now. The previews have certainly whet our appetites, but this mini walk-through composed of gameplay footage has us convinced that GTAV will be a must-buy when it hits shelves on September 17.

In the following video (fair warning, there's some mild explicit language), we're told just exactly how deep and broad the experience is in this latest iteration of the Rockstar Games mega franchise. Game mechanics – including those for driving, riding, sailing and flying the huge complement of vehicles – have been streamlined and refined, and the graphics look better than ever, too. Vehicle customization is an option for this new GTA, too, though it's unclear if the mods will go beyond wheels and paint.

Not strictly a driving game, for sure; we still think the trailer below looks great and predict the upcoming game is going to be a huge hit when it drops this fall.

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