"Never leave your pet in a parked car on a warm day." We've all heard that phrase hundreds of times, and 14 states have statutes that specifically prohibit leaving an animal in confined vehicle, yet countless dogs will still die this summer at the hands of senseless owners who fail to heed the warnings and laws.

In an effort to further drive the message home, and demonstrate just how quickly the temperature rises inside a parked car, Dr. Ernie Ward, a North Carolina veterinarian and self-proclaimed "America's Pet Advocate" shut himself inside a vehicle during a warm day armed with a timer, a thermometer and a few video cameras (to keep things realistic, he cracked all four windows open, just a few inches, as ill-advised pet owners often do).

As expected, it took only a few minutes for the temperatures to rise. After just 30 minutes, the thermometer was reading a sweltering 117 F. And, as if the temperature alone wasn't enough to torture your animal, Dr. Ward points out that air does not circulate within the interior - the cabin is unbearably stagnant and miserable. Helpless dogs, unable to sweat and without the means to cool themselves, will suffer from dangerously high body core temperatures, brain damage and eventually death."Never, ever, leave your pet in a parked car during warm weather," warns Dr. Ward in the video below. We reiterate his message.

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