Welcome to the motorcycle vs. car Driftpocalypse

You may remember the pair of drifting motorcycle heathens that battled a police pursuit Ford Mustang a little over a year ago. Ernie Vigil and Nick Brocha are back at it again for Drift 3, and this time, things have changed a bit. The story picks up in a fictional future where drifting has taken over and the streets are ruled by sideways hooligans of every flavor. Officer Dan, the gentlemen who put the two riders behind bars at the end of the last installment, has gone rogue, and the Officer Buck now represents the long arm of the law in his 850-horseopwer Buckshot Racing X2R buggy.

Meanwhile, Vigil and Brocha get to play around with turbocharged Triumph Daytona machines with around 204 hp at their command. The clip below features a rematch with Officer Dan, a heady chase by Officer Buck and all the sideways. All of it. Check it out for yourself.

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