Petrolicious bags a Lancia Stratos and we weep with jealousy

"Lancia Stratos." Say the words, and anyone with an enthusiast bone in their body will proceed to go googly-eyed and giddy at the hearing. The cars were built during the golden age of the World Rally Championship to do precisely one thing: win. In order to do that, Lancia had to build a handful of "street" cars to meet homologation rules at the time. Automotive history would never quite be the same.

Petrolicious recently spent some time with Phillip Toledano and his beautiful blue Stratos to find out what it's like to own a car expressly designed to kill you. Toledano uses phrases like "weapons grade," "invasive surgery," and "barking mad." We wouldn't expect anything less. As usual, the video is drop dead gorgeous, and watching the car bolt through the New York countryside is the stuff of day dreams. Duck below, press play and take a deep breath.

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