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BMW confirms production i3 will be revealed July 29

BMW is apparently planning to market its first-ever mass-produced electric vehicle with a commercial that looks an awful lot like a Gap ad. The German automaker is trying to appeal to the fashion-model set with a new 53-second video that announces the July 29 unveiling of its upcoming i3 EV.

"It's time to learn a new German word: Vorfreude" ("anticipation" in English), reads lettering over slick music and happy, skinny people showing off their comfortable yet stylish duds. As for the car? Well, we're pretty much limited to the silhouette you see above and the teaser text announcing the reveal date. But, of course, we've already seen many prototype versions over the years as well as these recent spy shots. You can see the pre-production car in the galleries and then check out the apparent fashion commercial below.

The i3 will go on sale later this year in both pure electric and EV with range-extending engine versions. We learned a lot about the car late last year and should get more information on the rollout later this month.

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