Electric Francophiles looking to continue their July 14 Bastille Day festivities might be comforted to know that the party can run right into the following day when General Motors will celebrate the first 2014 Chevrolet Volt models rolling off the assembly line.

Yes, July 15 will mark the day the first 2014 Volts will be finished up at General Motors' Hamtramck factory in Michigan, according to Inside EVs. While the extended-range plug-in won't be much different from the current versions, folks will have a few more color options (ashen gray metallic and brownstone metallic, pictured) as well as goodies such as a leather-wrapped steering wheel and heated seats.

GM is also cutting energy use at its plants. Specifically, GM is taking part in the US Department of Energy's Better Buildings, Better Plants program, Hybrid Cars says. The company will cut the amount of energy required to produce each of its vehicles by at least 25 percent by 2018.

Either way, GM is doing what it can to help boost Volt demand. Through May, the model's sales rose just 1.4 percent to 7,157 units after tripling last year to more than 23,000 vehicles. Then June came and brought with it excellent sales news for the Volt.

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