Millionaire racers with their exotic supercars often start flooding British roads in the summer, annoying locals who complain of sleepless nights as the cars roar through their streets.

But this summer, the local police are paying more attention, possibly thanks to a Channel 4 documentary earlier this year that highlighted what they called Millionaire Boy Racers. (That's blocked in the U.S., but here's a clip on YouTube.) Nasser Al-Thani, a 24-year-old member Qatar's ruling family, according to British press reports, had his $500,000 glow-in-the-dark Lamborghini Aventador impounded by police in London. Why? No driver's license, no insurance documents and no front license plate. Other than that, everything was cool.

Police pulled the oil-and-gas heir over, and then quickly called for the tow truck.

It turns out the Lambo that took a trip to impound is just one of several super cars with preposterous paint jobs that the young Al-Thani owns. We have also seen this kid from Qatar with way more money than taste commission a purple Lambo with pink chrome. Yeech. Maybe the cops just busted him for epic bad taste?

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