After spending a few days with the recalcitrant mechanism that masquerades as a transmission in the Smart Fortwo, we can admit we've pondered all sorts of ways to prematurely end the car's life. An impromptu hardcore off-road excursion has figured prominently in at least one such scenario. Evidently the marketers behind Smart have entertained similar thoughts, or at least spent some time contemplating the old chestnut that goes something like, "Who makes the best off-roader? Hertz." After all, how else can we explain this 49-second spot?

We kid Daimler's pint-sized microcar brand, but the truth is, this is a pretty brilliant little advertisement. It's honest and plays to the Fortwo's major trump card – its tidy dimensions – while having a good sense of humor. According to Ad Week, this commercial comes from BBDO Germany, and was just shown at Cannes, where it won a couple of Gold Lion awards and had the audience cheering. Check it out by scrolling below.

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smart fortwo

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