Police officers are trained to be very careful when approaching vehicles they have pulled over, but we're sure at least one rookie cop in Texas will be extra vigilant in the future. Aransas Pass (just east of Corpus Christi) rookie officer Keith Moore was issuing a speeding ticket to a driver of a pickup truck, and when he went to have the driver sign his citation, a monkey lunged from the back seat and bit Moore on his hand.

Even though the whole ordeal was captured on Moore's sunglass-mounted camera, his sergeant still had a hard time believing what had happened, and both seemed to handle the situation quite well – apparently neither have seen the movie Outbreak. As it turns out, Corpus Christi's KRIS TV says that the ill-tempered – and non-seatbelt-wearing – monkey travels with his owner to carnivals and festivals to pose with visitors. The first-person video of the monkey's surprise traffic stop attack is posted below.

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