Blending the attributes of an ATV, a jet ski, a tank and a skateboard is no easy task, but that is just the diverse kind of capability that the BPG Werks DTV Shredder is offering to the powersports market.

The Shredder is powered by a 196cc, two-stroke gasoline engine, which is connected to a dual-CVT drive. A total of 13 horsepower offer riders a top speed of 30 miles per hour, which probably seems plenty fast on an upright rig like this one. Riders stand on a pivoting, spiked deck that turns by way of leaning, just like a skateboard, while the upright handle offers throttle and brake, and a place to hang on. And, of course, ownership of the vehicle grants one admin status on all Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan boards.

We could go on, but the Translogic crew does a first-rate job of explaining what the Shredder is, as well as getting the low down about the project from BPG Werks CEO Ben Gulak. Watch it all, below.

BPG Werks DTV Shredder: TRANSLOGIC 131

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