Mosler is one of the most interesting upstart automakers to have survived the 1980s and '90s. Its Consulier GTP was ugly, but effective, and able to out-lap more powerful cars with its tiny turbocharged 2.2-liter engine from Chrysler. The company, founded by its namesake Warren Mosler, has persevered for 28 years since its founding in 1985, its latest and last vehicle being the MT900 supercar. We have news, however, that its independent streak has ended: Mosler has been acquired by RP High Performance, the private entity that also owns Rossion.

You may remember Rossion as the company formerly named 1G Racing, which got its start as the sole importer and distributor of British-built Noble supercars. It eventually bought the rights to produce its own version of the Noble M400 and M12, which it called the Rossion Q1.

The announcement of Mosler's acquisition on Rossion's website doesn't give many details, but does confirm that the latter's co-owner, Ian Grunes, will be President of the new company, and that all assets of both companies will be combined. Henceforth, however, the Mosler name will no longer be used and all new cars will carry the Rossion name. As to which new cars are on their way, Rossion only says they will be in 4-, 6- and 8-cylinder configurations, and make extensive use of Mosler's expertise in lightweight composites.
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RP High Performance acquires Rossion and Mosler!

You may have heard some rumors, theories, what ifs.. But it is now official, RP High Performance a privately owned company has finalized the acquisition of the assets of Rossion Automotive and Mosler Automotive. The new company will operate under the Rossion brand with Ian Grunes as President. This deal brings together all the assets of both companies under one roof and management team.

The Mosler name will no longer be used and all new cars produced will carry the Rossion name. The purchase of Mosler allows Rossion to produce and sell more models of vehicles, using the resources and expertise of both companies.

Mosler has a great history based in racing and tremendous amounts of experience in using composites like carbon fiber to produce strong, lightweight and very competitive vehicles. Rossion looks forward to using this technology and expertise to introduce exciting new models in 4, 6 and 8 cylinder configurations to the Rossion line up.

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