It is an era of $11 gallons of gas. Somewhere, apparently, someone has run out of fuel. To the rescue will come a personalized Matte Graphite Tesla Model S, ready with a frunk full of gas cans. Watching the Tesla drive away on cheap electricity, the stranded motorist out there will be able to continue his gas-powered journey, wondering if perhaps next time will be the right time to get plugged in.

At least, that's one potential plot line for a new video of a modified Model S with a fresh paint job and 22-inch Vossen CV1 concave wheels and rims. The video, a promotional tool for Vossen, doesn't have any words and we were confused at first why the all-electric Model S would need to pull into a gas station in the first place. This is our made-up answer. Check out the video below and then share your idea in the comments.

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