Visit just about any major city on the water, and you're sure to find duck boats taking tourists out for a different view of the city. The safety of these land and sea vehicles have been questioned following some high-profile accidents including a fatal collision with a barge in Philadelphia back in 2010. Over the weekend, a duck boat in Liverpool, England sank just after entering the water. Fortunately, all 31 passengers managed to escape without serious injury, though 17 passengers were taken to the hospital for treatment.

A man was able to capture the boat sinking on video, but he obviously failed to realize the severity of the situation as he laughs while passengers jump into the frigid water. Fortunately, a nearby boat quickly sprung to action and showed up on scene just as the amphibious vehicle was fully submerged. The Herald Scotland reports that the company that owned this particular duck boat also had another vessel sink back in March with no passengers aboard. After that incident, the company's fleet of duck boats was ordered to stay out of the water, but it isn't clear what (if anything) changed before this latest accident occurred. Scroll down for some videos of the incident including a news report, first-hand amateur video and another video that allegedly shows this very boat struggling to get out of the water in the past.

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