If we were cynical marketers, we might suggest this as a tag line for the upcoming smartphone app called SpotSquad: "Rat out your friends and neighbors for a few lousy bucks!"

That's right, belying the stereotype of the unfailingly polite Canadian, Winnipeg-based SpotSquad is creating an app that will allow you to report parking violations to authorities, and get paid for it. The application asks that you take a photo of the violation in question, which is then forwarded to local parking enforcement authorities.

Though not a going concern yet, SpotSquad plans to demo the app in some private Winnipeg parking lots this summer, before loosing the hellish software on the innocent Canadian public. According to a report by CTV News, members of the public surveyed are split on whether or not SpotSquad is a clever idea, or a grim tattle-teller. Scroll down below to have a brief look at a how the app might work, and remember to do unto others as you'd have... never mind.

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