It was clear early on that the story of Paul Scott spending a lot of his retirement savings to try and speak to President Obama at a private fundraiser was going to be a contentious topic. After a big public outcry and a rejection from the Democratic National Committee, Scott took a step back to figure out his options. He has now told Plug In Cars that the $32,400 he was originally going to spend on two minutes with the President will now be used to buy two used electric vehicle for his family.

Scott is a Nissan Leaf salesman (as well as a co-founder of Plug In America, which has been active for years, as the archival image above shows, and a friend of the site), so you can probably guess which EVs he plans to purchase. He told PIC that, "My intention is to buy two used Leafs from my lot and give one to my daughter and one to my sister. Both are driving old beater ICE cars, so I'd be removing a small percentage of the oil industry's income stream forever."

Scott may be good at getting the word out about electric vehicles, but he's not exactly a good secret-keeper. He told PIC, "My sister knows, but my daughter's gift is going to be surprise." Not any more, it's not.

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