Racing vintage cars comes with a lot of risks and this racer narrowly avoided two of them -- completely trashing a pricey piece of history and succumbing to early automotive technology design flaws. Edmund Burgess was driving his 1924 Bugatti Type 13 when the brakes failed. Autoblog reported that Burgess lost control of the car and rolled it on the racetrack during the Prescott Speed Hill Climb in Gloucestershire, UK.

The car's cockpit is completely open, with only a helmet and goggles to protect the driver from such a crash. Luckily Burgess made it out of the crash with no serious injuries, despite his head coming fairly close to striking a stone wall and becoming trapped beneath the car when it completely rolled over. The $390,000 Bugatti wasn't so lucky, as it sustained heavy damage.

An undeterred Burgess, however, says he plans on having the vehicle fixed in time for an upcoming race in 8 weeks.

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