If you're spending top dollar to buy a Mercedes Benz, don't you want the world to know? Even when it's dark out?

The luxury automaker has started making it's logo glow on the front of its cars, making the three-pointed star even more noticeable than before.

The star was trademarked in 1910 and has graced even Benz since. Mercedes-Benz has found a way to refresh the star, bringing it into the 21st century while helping its owners show off their excellent taste to their envious neighbors.

Hood ornaments have largely lost their popularity in recent years and automakers have largely moved the badge to the front grill. The glowing star will be available on select models, including he new E-Class, the M-Class, GL-Class and CLS-Class sedans, Yahoo! Autos reported, with other models becoming available soon. The dealership can also retro fit any Benz from 2006 or newer.

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