A woman and her 6-month-old grandchild escaped without injury after a train hit the car they were riding in. The car became trapped when the woman rolled on to the tracks while the warning lights were blinking. Her car was then caught as the crossing arms lowered on either side of the train tracks.

Instead of abandoning her vehicle and getting her grandchild out she got out of her car and tried to flag someone down to help her lift the crossing arms but was unsuccessful KSL Utah reported. While she was out of her car the train came and tore off the front end of her vehicle. Luckily both the driver and baby were unhurt.

What should you do if you find yourself in this situation? Police say you can actually drive through the crossing arms, and that they are designed to give way without too much effort to protect motorists from this danger. They would rather replace crossing arms then have a motorist in danger.

If your car stalls on a train track abandon your vehicle immediately, call police, and take shelter if possible. A train hitting a car can produce flying debris and shrapnel that can pose a risk to anyone near the collision.

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