As we wait for the McLaren P1 to enter production, it appears there are still some growing pains with the $1.14-million hybrid supercar. While on display at Italy's recent Villa d'Este Concorso d'Eleganza, this P1 – which appears to be the same one we saw at the Geneva Motor Show – failed to awaken from its slumber when called upon. As there is no escaping from cameras these days, you'll be unsurprised to learn that at least one attentive attendee captured it all on video.

When attempting to fire up the P1, the video shows that there was no response from the pushbutton starter, while error messages on the gauge cluster that included "Park Brake Fault – Call McLaren Service Centre" and "ESC Fault Vehicle Limphome - Go to McLaren Service Centre" appeared on the screen. There is no word as to what caused this no-start condition. We're sure McLaren would have preferred this happen in a more private setting rather than in front of Villa d'Este's typically mega-rich visitors, many of whom are doubtlessly prospective – if not current – customers. Scroll down to watch McLaren reps frantically try to get the P1 started before pushing it onto a trailer.

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