Deep, dark, secret confession time: Back well over a decade ago while I was in college, I supported my love for all things automotive in part by publishing basic how-to articles on websites dedicated to the vehicle that I owned at the time, a 1999 Ford Ranger. I never got paid for these pieces, but they eventually gained enough notice that aftermarket companies started sending me products to feature. Much of it was cosmetic, all of it was minimally involved, and some of the modifications now look suspect to my older enthusiast self – things like a billet grille insert and tailgate-mounted Lumi Logo, the latter issuing a subtle glow from my otherwise stock-appearing Ford Blue Oval emblem. I kind of laugh at some of it now, but hey, tastes change.

And yet, the more things change, the more things stay the same. Just ask Mercedes-Benz, which has revealed this new illuminated Three-Pointed Star emblem, available as a dealer-installed option on the 2014 E-Class, 2013+ GL-Class, 2012+ M-Class and 2006+ CLS-Class. Mercedes promises additional fitments as well, but no word on whether they'll be installing future examples at the factory. Unlike my Ranger's short-lived Lumi Logo, the illuminated Three-Pointed Star utilizes LED and light tube technology to project a classier look, and theirs illuminates when you use the key fob to unlock the vehicle. If this new bit of illumination takes off for Mercedes, we're guessing you'll see similar riffs from other OEMs in short order... and maybe a second life for the guys who make Lumi Logos.

What do you think, is Benz's new illuminated star cool-ish or foolish? Watch the video below, then have your say in Comments.

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