An ostrich was captured on CCTV as it dodged traffic and weaved in and out of lanes on one of the busiest highways in Zhangzhou City, China. 9 News posted the video which captured the ostrich running alongside rush hour traffic. It was hit by a car, then bounced back only to be hit again. Amazingly, the ostrich was unhurt and was taken in by a zoo in the Southeast of China. The flightless bird's origins are a mystery, as no one has come forward to claim the errant avian.

State Farm Insurance Company reports that there are about 1.5 million animal-car accidents each year. The most important thing to remember when an animal is loose on the road is do not put yourself or others at risk of a car accident. If you can brake safely before hitting an animal do so, but be sure not to swerve into adjacent lanes or oncoming traffic. Hitting another car can be more dangerous then hitting a confused animal on a roadway. It's also important to obey speed limits and seatbelt laws for your own safety in cases of animal collisions.

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