Go ahead and clear off your holiday wish list. You're going to need some space. Behold the B: the remote controlled offspring of a toy car and a quadcopter. The machine is capable of vertical take off and landing thanks to four seven-inch propeller blades mounted at each wheel hub. Each rotor makes use of a brushless motor and the body and components are made to withstand multiple hard impacts from crash landing. It even features an HD camera in the nose capable of recording up to 32 gigs of 720x1280 video. What's the catch, you ask?

The B isn't yet funded. It's the brain child of Witold Mielniczek, a product designer from the UK. Mielniczek has turned to Kickstarter to drum up support for the machine and is attempting to raise $130,788 (at current conversion rates) to implement a few more changes to the design, cover the cost of creating the tooling for injection molding and building inventory. Those who contribute can receive everything from limited-edition posters and T-shirts to fully-assembled B models. Head over to Kickstarter for a closer look, and be sure to check out the launch video below.

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