Man crashes car while driving drunk and having sex, proceeds to hide in cactus

We can say this for 25-year old Albuquerque, NM resident Luis Briones: this is a man that doesn't want the party to end. A report from the Albuquerque Journal would seem to indicate that Mr. Briones is having a very bad week, after risking his life, his female passenger's life and the lives of more than a few motorists on Monday evening.
Here's the order of events, as laid out by the utterly bizarre report: Briones, who was later confirmed (in many ways) to be "clearly" intoxicated, ran a red light and struck an oncoming car. The crash caused his naked female passenger to be ejected from the vehicle, with deep cuts to her face and head.

The fact of the woman's nakedness makes more sense when you take into account that "Mr. Briones was observed to be having sexual intercourse with the passenger" according to a police officer quoted by the Albuquerque Journal.

Immediately after the crash, Briones attempted to drive off, but a witness to the accident (and minor hero) grabbed the keys from his car's ignition. The man then fled on foot and was eventually located by police, "...with one shoe on and his shorts inside out ... hiding in a cactus." Again, as reported by AJ. From the cover of the cactus, Briones apparently refused demands of police and exhibited hostility towards paramedics; after managing to get him in the police cruiser, officials say that the man also refused to keep his pants on.

Yep, that's a bad night.

Briones now faces charges of aggravated DWI, reckless driving and evading police.

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