Woman Pulled From Crash By Witnesses

Three men used crowbars to pry open overturned car and save her life.

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Three Good Samaritans are being hailed as heroes after they freed a woman trapped in a vehicle that lost control and flipped over into a creek. Their quick thinking saved her life and it was all caught on tape.

Ed Mclean was driving down Route 52 when a vehicle in oncoming traffic began to lose control.

"She started fishtailing coming towards me, 100 yards away," Mclean told NBC Philadelphia "She tried to recover and it just got worse."

The vehicle barely missed Mclean and went flying over the guardrail. Mclean along with another driver and a nearby resident immediately began using crowbars to pry open the car. The three men found a dazed young woman inside the car with water up to her chin. Mclean got an air hose out of his truck so the girl could breath while they got her out of the car. He then stood back and recorded the rescue.

The woman is still unidentified, and while shaken up, police say she required no medical attention.

Good Samaritans in the right place, at the right time and with the right tools can make a big difference immediately after a car crash, like this trucker used his big rig to save a driver from drowning when his truck turned over and landed in a pond.

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