You probably thought that with no Cars sequel slated for release this year, you wouldn't be forced to look at another post about Pixar's anthropomorphized autos on Autoblog. Since they tell me I'm certifiably obsessed with this franchise, think again.

Planes, the upcoming feature from Disney Animation (notably missing any Pixar branding) slated for an August 9 release, is set in the world of Cars, or rather, above it. A new trailer for the movie, once thought to be a Straight-to-DVD release until the Mouse changed its mind, reveals that Cars characters are everywhere. The movie is about a crop-dusting plane named Dusty (voiced by Dane Cook) who dreams of competing in aerial races, where the grandstands, pits and announcers' booth are all filled with cars.

The new trailer below also reveals a flying car character that bridges both machine... um, races? We don't yet know the character's name, role in the movie or the voice actor who brings him to life, but that's what 36 followup posts between now and August 9 are for. Kidding!

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