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NBC has the 411 on a new crazy driving stunt that all the kids in Saudi Arabia are trying called 'sidewalk skiing'. Also known as 'Arab drift', the stunt isn't actually all that new. One video entitled 'Saudi got talent' shows the same stunt, including the quick tire change, and was uploaded two years ago. The trick was also feature in rapper M.I.A's music video for song 'Bad Girls' last year.

In the stunt, a car balances perilously on only two wheels. The car sometimes drives off of a small ramp to angle the vehicle up on two wheels or the occupants throw themselves hard into a swerve, with the driver righting the car just in time before it flips on it's side. As the car teeters while speeding down the street passengers get out and cling to the side. The more causal and disinterested pose while riding on the outside of a speeding car during an insanely dangerous trick the better. These guys even decide that a sidewalk skiing Jeep is a great place to have a cup of tea.

There are plenty of videos out there of drivers wiping out while doing this trick, so please don't attempt it. You will more than likely will die or at the very least screw up your suspension.

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